Board of Directors

The FSM Board of Directors consists of key representatives from the three regions in Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia).

The following individuals form the Board of Directors for the period 2018-2020:


Dr Adrian Choo Cheng Yong, WWF-Malaysia (FSC Organisation Member – Environmental South)

Dr. Adrian ChooDr Adrian Choo holds the position of Lead, Sustainable Markets Programme in WWF-Malaysia. He leads the work on sustainable business practices, including promoting responsible forestry practices to the wood-product producers and traders in Malaysia, working closely with the Global Forest and Trade Network participation and promote credible forest certification, particularly the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification. He also works to promote the purchase of responsibly produced timber and wood products with key domestic companies and international buyers / buying countries.

Previously, he was a researcher in Universiti Putra Malaysia, working on wood products and the utilization of oil palm trunks as an alternative material to supplement timber in an effort to reduce the pressure on natural forests to provide materials needed by the Malaysian wood industry. He has a PhD in Biocomposite Technology from Universiti Putra Malaysia. He has 26 publications including papers in peer reviewed journals, contributed chapters in books, conference & seminar proceedings. He is also listed as a co-inventor for four patents and one copyright.

Environmental Chamber

Kanitha KrishnasamyMs Kanitha A/P Krishnasamy, TRAFFIC Southeast Asia (FSC Individual Member – Environmental South)

Kanitha Krishnasamy possesses over 14 years of knowledge and expertise working in the conservation field. Currently leading TRAFFIC Southeast Asia’s technical programme on the region’s most critically threatened species, Kanitha’s wealth of knowledge on wildlife, trade and regional conservation policy informs not only the organisation’s work but its advice to agencies on monitoring and tackling wildlife trafficking. She designs, develops and implements TRAFFIC’s research and survey projects and is point person on regional issues regarding species in trade and its related policy and law enforcement support efforts. Among others, she manages TRAFFIC’s initiatives regarding trade involving a wide array of species including tigers, rhinos and elephants (ivory), pangolins and others threatened by trade in Southeast Asia; maintaining a close working relationship with relevant parties from the government and non-governmental sectors as part of TRAFFIC’s goal in finding solutions to illegal wildlife trade.

Prior to joining the TRAFFIC Southeast Asia team, Kanitha worked with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) for seven years, after which she served on its Board for two years - the MNS is Malaysia’s largest membership-based conservation NGO that has a strong support base throughout the country. While at MNS, she helmed its Policy Unit for six years, leading its forest and conservation policy and multilateral environmental agreement developments, primarily with regard to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. She lead the development and implementation of the MNS’ site and habitat management programmes including a nationwide campaign to protect one of Malaysia’s last frontiers for tigers, elephants and other wildlife. Kanitha was central in furthering MNS’ forest management and certification programmes and is part of the team that initiated the development of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) National Standards for forest certification in Malaysia. Kanitha holds a Bachelors Degree in International Tropical Forest Management.

Social Chamber

Lim Si SiewLim Si Siew, Grassroots (FSC Individual Member – Social South)

Si Siew Lim is currently a partner of Grassroots, an ethical consulting and social enterprise with expertise and experience in sustainable agriculture (mainly palm oil) as well as indigenous peoples, NGO, biodiversity and forestry issues. Since 2008, Grassroots has been actively documenting and reporting on the environmental and social impacts of the logging and palm oil industries on various indigenous groups and local communities in Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia. Previously, he coordinated projects for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (2004-2007), WWF-Malaysia (2002-2004) and the New York City Parks & Recreation Department (2000-2002). He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Earth & Environmental Engineering from Columbia University, USA.

“It is my hope that Malaysia will have a credible set of FSC national standards and with it, a more sustainable forestry sector where natural resources are safeguarded and local communities have an active voice.”

Social Chamber

Nicholas Mujah, SADIA (FSC Organisation Member - Social South)

Nicholas Mujah Anak Ason is the Secretary General of the ‘Sarawak Dayak Iban Association’ (SADIA) and Indigenous Association of Iban Ethnic of Sarawak State, Borneo Island in Malaysia. He is also a Permanent Member of the Indigenous People’s Council within the Forest Stewardship Council (PIPC@FSC). He is part of the Technical Working Group for the Malaysian Oil Palm Certification Council (MPOCC). He has been fighting for the rights of Sarawak indigenous peoples to their native customary land since around 1980, and is no stranger to defending these rights against the incursion of loggers. He previously worked in the Statistics Department and then an oil company after graduating from Kolej Pertanian Malaya (now Universiti Putra Malaysia) studying economics under a government scholarship.

Economic Chamber

Tan Chin TongMr Tan Chin Tong, Independent expert (FSC Individual Member – Economic South)

Mr. Tan Chin Tong was instrumental in Perak Integrated Timber Complex (PITC) becoming the first FSC-certified forest concession in Peninsular Malaysia, where he held the position of CEO until late 2005. He has participated in the MC&I standard development process and the SCS Forest Conservation Program adaptation for Forest Management Certification in Malaysia. Currently, he is Director of several companies in Malaysia, China and Switzerland. Since his retirement from the corporate world, he continued to pursue his love for nature and passion for the social environmental cause. He also served on the Board of Trustees of Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) from 2007 to 2009, and serves as a Council member of Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) since 2007. He is a Mechatronics Engineer by training.

“Tropical forest ecosystem is highly complex and equally complex to manage, what more developing a standard to manage it.”

Economic Chamber

Dr. Kevin GraceDr Kevin T. Grace, Global Forestry Services Group (FSC Organisation Member – Economic South)

Dr Kevin T. Grace is the Managing Director for Global Forestry Services Group of companies (GFS) since June 2004. He has developed and managed the network of GFS companies and programs to support Forest Management, Forest Investment, Forest Carbon Credits, & Legality for Retail, Trading, Wood Processing Companies in Sabah (RIL/TLAS), China (FSC), Laos (Carbi Project-WWF& Timber Flow study Laos PDR on behalf of EFI), Ghana (development of the TLAS), Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom, Japan, Guyana and South East Asia.

He has a PhD in Agroforestry from University of Hawaii, USA. He was a Forestry Service Division Manager of SGS Malaysia and he is a Lead Auditor / Trainer for forest management & chain of custody based on the requirements of the QUALIFOR program accredited by FSC, Developed Certification Support Program as a stepwise auditing program for forest certification and ISO 9000 Lead Auditor Training (1998).

“Invest in Forests – Money really does grow on trees.”

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