Smallholders Portal

Providing resources for small, low-intensity and community producers

Orang Asli Jahai Community (© Malaysian Nature Society)© Malaysian Nature SocietyThe Smallholders Portal provides guidance, resources, and communications directly FSC small, low-intensity and community certificate holders.

In addition, smallholders can learn about the variour programs and projects that focus on improving the access to certification for smallholders and helping smallholder make the most of their certification.

Who are smallholders?

Smallholders is the term used to describe those who own,manage or use forests which are considered “small” in size and those who applylow intensity harvesting practices to timber and/or non-timber forest products.Smallholders can also describe those who practice community forestry, where ownership and management are community controlled.

In different parts of the world, smallholders are known by different names – woodlot owners, family forests, small non-industrial private forests, small forest enterprises, community forestry operations, and non-timber forest product (NTFP) harvesters are some examples. Collectively they face cost and procedural barriers to certification.

Access to FSC certification and its benefits can be more challenging for smallholders than for larger enterprises. FSC has a number of programs in place for smallholders seeking to demonstrate their long-term and careful management practices. We are also making concerted efforts to identify and develop additional mechanisms for smallholders that reduce cost and increase market access. This is a high priority for FSC.

For more information please visit the Smallholders Portal on the FSC International Website

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