Where can I find FSC certified products?

By buying FSC certified products, you provide incentives for responsible forestry.

Whether you are an individual or business, you can enjoy your purchases knowing it has not contributed to the destruction of the world’s forest or even come from companies involved in human rights abuses.

Finding FSC Products

Almost everything made from wood and other forest products are available with the FSC label.

Finding FSC products becomes easier everyday. Literally every day, more FSC products become available. Follow these simple steps to find and buy FSC products:

1. Check the FSC certificates database at www.fsc-info.org

Please note this database will currently only search for manufacturers and distributors, not retailers. There are only a few exceptions where retailers are also certified. To find products carried by your local retailer, please contact them directly. We are working on including other search options to this database in the future.

2. Ask your retailer

Chances are, they will carry FSC certified  products. If not, let them know you would be intererested in certified products. Not all certification systems are equal and only FSC guarantees that the product has been made from environmentally and responsibly managed forests.

By asking for FSC certified products, you show that there is a demand. This is an important and simple way how you can help FSC to make a difference.

What others say about FSC

FSC fact sheet “Independent research and other voices confirm FSC as leading forest certification system”


Statements from leading NGOs: WWF International, Greenpeace International

3. Contact FSC

First try your national FSC representative – they know the market in your country best.

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