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Thursday, 12 August 2021
Save the date: Celebrate FSC Friday on 24 September


On 24 September 2021, we celebrate FSC Friday. This year we will raise global awareness of the importance of responsible forest management and the important interplay between climate change and forests. As part of this annual awareness day, FSC aims to encourage and support consumers, businesses, communities and stakeholders to show their commitment to FSC and responsible forest management. This year, FSC Friday is all about the fight against climate change and climate-smart forestry.

Plan your communication campaign now!

Show your commitment to responsible forest management, and highlight the role it plays in your sustainability strategy, especially on this day. We will support you with appropriate graphics, content and materials. Contact us and we will be happy to plan your activities together.

How can you get involved?

  • Promote your FSC-certified product range, or FSC certification in the build up to and on FSC Friday! For example, run a special offer on a particular range or product or feature particular products
  • Organise internal/external promotions or events (of course adapted to the corresponding Covid19 guidelines)!
  • Use your communication channels, such as social media, newsletters, websites to draw attention to your FSC commitment!
  • Address in your communications the positive impact of responsible forestry on climate change.
  • Involve schools, retailers and other partners in celebrating FSC Friday and spread the message of the importance of our forests to fighting climate change
  • Implement a project together with FSC in the area of the most important Ecosystem Services, i.e. biodiversity, water conservation, recreation, restoration and carbon.

4 Reasons to Participate

  • Let your customers know about your sustainability efforts
  • Climate change is on everyone's mind. Show how you are contributing to the climate change discussion and how responsible forestry is making a positive impact to this.
  • Highlight the sustainable positioning of your company with your FSC Friday actions.
  • More voices are better heard! Join the global FSC family in celebrating this special day.

Join us now and put FSC Friday in your communications plan! Get updates on our social media platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram!

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