FSC Trademarks

The FSC trademarks offer a guarantee that products comes from responsible sources.

The FSC trademark is assurance that products are derived in support of conservation forests and wildlife as well as helping people lead better lives. FSC owns three registered trademarks:

1. the initials “FSC”
2. the name “Forest Stewardship Council”
3. the “checkmark-and-tree” logo

It is essential that FSC’s credibility is maintained. FSC works to ensure that its trademarks are used correctly.

Important: Only those who have obtained authorization from FSC International are permitted to use
the FSC Trademark. The use of FSC Trademarks must be in compliance with FSC Trademark standards
and guidelines. If you suspect that the FSC label is being misused, please report this immediately.

Who can use the FSC Trademark?

If you are keen on using the FSC trademarks to demonstrate your commitment to environmental and social responsibility, get in touch with FSC International and become FSC-certified today! Different rules apply depending on the business activity and the purpose of the trademark use. The following can use the FSC trademark:

  • Manufacturers and traders
  • Printers and Publishers
  • Retailers
  • Forest Managers
  • Media
  • FSC Members

Learn how to here.

Note: FSC Malaysia does not issue use rights on the FSC trademark. Infringement can be liable to legal action
by FSC International. Please contact the FSC Trademark Unit for further details and assistance.

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