Updates: National Consultative Group to develop a national response to the FSC Policy to Address Conversion

Discussion paper on forest conversion

FSC Malaysia has submitted a discussion paper outlining the key issues relating to the FSC Policy to Address Conversion (PAC) for the consideration of FSC International, following the first National Consultative Group (NCG) Panel members’ meeting on 14 June 2022 as well as separate discussions with several FSC International members based in Malaysia led by the Technical Facilitator.

The NCG panel comprises representatives from environmental and social non-governmental organisations, the timber industry, as well as certification professionals. Information and profiles of the panel members are available here

Overall, the position of stakeholders in Malaysia on forest conversion and certification are as follows:

  • Stakeholders, in principle, consider positively (a) moving the 1994 cut-off date to a more recent date; and (b) for converted areas to enter the FSC system, subject to appropriate restitution, remedy, and replacement.
  • Stakeholders gave their support for FSC in Malaysia, and were unanimous in seeing FSC as a valuable initiative for both the conservation of forests and the sustainability of the timber industry.
  • Stakeholders agreed that, given its valuable contributions, FSC’s influence in Malaysia should be strengthened. Stakeholders noted that FSC’s current policies put constraints on FSC’s influence in Malaysia.
  • Stakeholders, in principle, believe in the benefit of the FSC Policy to Address Conversion and the proposed FSC Remedy Framework – i.e. that allowing converted forests into the FSC system (managed according to FSC’s standards) will result in improved forest management. The stakeholders acknowledge that the challenge will be in balancing between strict limits and feasibility.
  • Several issues related to these policies were highlighted for consideration.

A summary of the discussion paper is available for viewing here. 


Introducing the full 18-member Consultative Assembly

We are pleased to introduce the full 18-member Consultative Assembly:

Updated NCG structure

 Next steps: A detailed questionnaire will be distributed to the Consultative Assembly members for their deliberation and feedback in due course.



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