Contribute to and Benefit from Responsible Forestry

As the world becomes more conscious about responsible consumption and production, we are seeing an increasing demand for FSC-certified materials and products. 


The FSC certification system offers huge opportunities to businesses and consumers to contribute towards a sustainable future:

  • source from responsibly managed forests
  • reduce carbon footprint by replacing carbon-intensive and fossil-fuel based materials
  • providing an extensive variety of renewable, responsibly produced materials for construction, wood panels, floorings, furniture, paper, natural rubber, other non-timber forest products, etc.
  • sustainable management and efficient natural resource use
  • meet green and sustainable public procurement policies
  • facilitates awareness building on sustainability matters, and reporting on sustainable practices 
  • circularity and waste reduction through reclamation and recycling of wood/paper materials
  • facilitates organisations in meeting SDG targets
  • capacity-building in developing countries for more sustainable patterns of consumption and production,

thereby contributing towards climate change and biodiversity loss solutions.

deforestation not same as harvesting

What this means is, we need to use forest-based products in order to keep forests alive – but only if we practice sustainable sourcing and use responsibly. How? By choosing products with the FSC label.

Remember, trees are a renewable resource while plastic (fossil-fuel based), steel and concrete are carbon-intensive and made of finite, un-renewable resource.