In accordance with FSC International’s requirements for the maintenance of Forest Stewardship Standards (FSS), FSC Malaysia is commencing a review process of the FSC Forest Stewardship Standard of Malaysia.

Following a comprehensive development process, the FSC Forest Stewardship Standards (“FSS”) of Malaysia made its debut in March 2019.  Its publication marked an important milestone for responsible forest management in Malaysia, and while its development was lengthy and detailed, the result was an outstanding forest management standard, with much thanks to all involved in the process. A revised version was subsequently published in January 2022, with an expansion of scope to include non-timber forest products, among others. 

Review of Malaysian FSS

In accordance with FSC procedures, specifically FSC-STD-60-006 (v1-2) EN (“Process requirements for the development and maintenance of National Forest Stewardship Standards”)a review report of all the comments on the standard; changes to associated elements of the FSC system; as well as external circumstances and the continued relevance of the standard shall be compiled within three (3) years of the standard’s approval.

The FSS of Malaysia (FSC-STD-MYS-01.1-2021 EN) received formal approval from FSC International on 20 December 2021.


Invitation to all interested stakeholders to provide feedback

As part of the review process, FSC Malaysia has today circulated a survey to stakeholders for their feedback.

This survey is open between 5 June 2024 and 4 July 2024 and will be used to collect stakeholders’ feedback on a series of questions to support the review of the FSS of Malaysia mentioned above.

We invite all interested stakeholders to participate and provide their feedback during this period. In parallel with this survey, FSC Malaysia is undertaking a review of all changes to the FSC Normative Framework since 2021 that may have an effect on the FSS of Malaysia, and will compile such changes (together with comments/feedback by stakeholders on the FSS of Malaysia through this survey) into a review report to be submitted to FSC International Policy and Standards Unit.

The survey is circulated to stakeholders via FSC Malaysia’s communication platforms, as well as through email.

The survey is available in English and Bahasa Melayu.  Please complete the survey online. You can access the survey either by scanning the QR code below, or clicking on the “Survey” button.

For any enquiries about the review process, please send us an email at

FSS Review Survey QR Code