FSC Malaysia is seeking candidates for a six (6)-member Consultative Panel, each representing an ‘interest cluster”. The Consultative Panel (which is part of the Malaysian National Consultative Group) is expected to consider the context and implications of the FSC Policy on Conversion for Malaysia and document a response formed through discussions with their respective interest-cluster members (Position Paper). A Technical Facilitator will coordinate the technical discussions, and assist in preparing the final Position Paper.

The Terms of Reference provides details on the structure and establishment of the Consultative Panel (selection criteria, tasks and responsibilities) and the approach to document the positive and negative impacts of the FSC Policy on Conversion on Malaysia.

The Consultative Panel shall consist of individuals knowledgeable in various aspects related to forest conversion and restoration in Malaysia, and is expected to deliver on the tasks and responsibilities outlined in the Terms of Reference, which includes consulting with their respective interest-cluster members.

Candidates who fit the criteria and profile, and are willing and able to commit to the tasks and responsibilities as set out in the Terms of Reference, are invited to submit a completed application form to FSC Malaysia at info@my.fsc.org. Successful candidates will be required to sign the Terms of Reference as formal acceptance of appointment as member of the Consultative Panel.

The call for applications will be open for 21 days from 17 May 2021 to 7 June 2021.

Please visit this page to view / download the following documents:·

  • Terms of Reference
  • Application Form

For future announcements, updates and further information about the National Consultative Group, please visit this page: National Consultative Group to develop a national response to the FSC Policy on Conversion.