The registration for this year’s FSC Regional Membership Meeting in Asia-Pacific is now open. FSC members are encouraged to join the two-day event scheduled for 26 and 27 July in Bangkok, Thailand. This regional meeting is in preparation for the FSC General Assembly 2021-2022.

We strongly encourage FSC members (based in Malaysia) to consider attending this meeting, given that this meeting will discuss relevant FSC topics for members in Asia-Pacific, which includes:

  • FSC Priorities in Asia Pacific
  • FSC General Assembly 2022 and Motions Process
  • Chamber Meetings
  • The PfA. Conversion and Remedy Framework
  • Social Issues, Indigenous Peoples, and Trade Unions
  • Regional Forest Stewardship Standards
  • Climate Change and Ecosystem Services

We no longer accept suggestions for discussion topics following the deadline on 20 June 2022. However, if you feel there are urgent, and/or significant topics for the consideration of FSC members in this region, please reach out to us by Monday, 27 June 2022. We will look into it and communicate the matter with the FSC membership team.

Information on travel and logistical arrangements will be available in due course, followed by a detailed agenda.

Please check this page again for updates. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please contact:

  • Aisyah Sileuw;
  • Guille Garza;