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Wednesday, 09 June 2021
Update: Open Call for Candidates

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Malaysia maintains the call for candidates for the National Consultative Group to develop a National Response to the FSC Policy on Conversion

We would like to thank those who have submitted applications to participate in the National Consultative Group as Consultative Panel members.

Since the call for candidates opened on 17 May 2021, there have been changes at the global level relating to the FSC Policy on Conversion. Two ongoing processes are relevant to Malaysia:

1. The development of a conversion remedy procedure related to the FSC Policy on Conversion, and
2. The development of a Policy for Association (PfA) remediation framework.

Full details of the consultation announcements are accessible here.

As a result of these developments, FSC Malaysia has decided to maintain the call for candidates for the National Consultative Panel until the official launch of the global consultations.

The closing dates will be announced on the FSC Malaysia corporate website.

The Terms of Reference and the application form for the six (6)-member National Consultative Panel are accessible here.

Candidates who fit the criteria and profile, and are willing and able to commit to the tasks and responsibilities as set out in the Terms of Reference, are invited to submit a completed application form to FSC Malaysia at Successful candidates will be required to sign the Terms of Reference as formal acceptance of appointment as member of the Consultative Panel.

As mentioned above, the closing dates will be announced here. Kindly submit your applications as soon as possible.

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